Who We Are

Who we are

Suggested text: Our website address is: http://angelonetrading.com. we are provide here best angel one trading experience more information below link.



Suggested text: here any visitor post those comment section then we will catch users name and email and ip address for we maintain spam free purpose.

An anonymous will upload nay cements using your email, our garroter service will accept those comment, but dont worry here we must check spamy contend after rectify to approve here, if you find some other miss use your email using anonymous cementing in our angel one trading site contact us at our page we take immediate Acton against those comments.


Suggested text: please stop uploading your images to our website, why because some people gather they needy photos from any site, so be care full image uploading movement, in my suggestion was stooping uploading is the best to your privacy.


Suggested text: Coming to our website cookies section here we manage all cookies data up to one year so if you save once your name, email, mobile and urls this data re use next commenting time auto fill will provides you user convenience so utilize it.

If you visit our page login section you can your browser cookies use to login automatically, this data only store in your favorite browser we cant save that information in our back end, when your browser close our login page cookie data will removed.

Here we provide login cookies also but this cookies only working granting upon your permission, when ever you choose remember me button then only your login credential will save in site cookies, this is temporary basis normal cookie save only two days but you can choose remember me check box your logins will save up to one year, after logout it automatically erased from our page.

if you plan to post any information in our page after login. our cookies will activate and auto save your data some unexpected situation like power cut, unsaved time these the way you can retrieve your draft data easily

Getting content from Outer websites

Suggested text: in our articles section we manage content like other websites like images, videos and extra content, in our continence we track some articles data its genuine or not these the process we are focus mainly whether your provided data gen-unity so these time we check your content birth information like its spamy or real own data, and ip location and some data we must maintain, then only we monitor our content privacy so it mandatory to our site improvement.

How Many days we manage your data

Suggested text: In These data maintenance section mainly we manage your comment data and your article data and your profile data, in these sections we maintain some storage your information in our server, its very use full for our clients, why because they next time visit our site they re check and modify those information easily, and coming to profile section there any one manage those name, email, mobile number and some times URLS also, these information we grant them any time edit and modify expect user name, some times we also manage some edits in profile section why because some time people manage spamy links on those profile section so we manage and modify in these section.

User rights on Those data

Suggested text: in this data maintenance section user only having full rights. why because users only provide those articles, comments, and personal information so we grant full rights here to our angel one trading site users, in these section user any time they manage like import, export, edit or erase those provided data here, but some administrative features only maintain site admin so contact any time admin and request about that.