What is Demat Account how to open Demat Account?

Any one wants plan to invest money in share market they must needed Demat account, in this page I will explain what is a demat account and which purpose you can use demat account. And what is a different between demat account and trading and demataccount use to which transactions we can perform.

demat account
Demat account from angelonetrading.com

Which place to open Demat Account?

Now a days demat account two ways to open those are, if you have bank account you can easily open share market account, or some sub brokers also provide trading account, but bank account they impose huge charges from those customers but sub brokers like, angelone, zerodhakite, upstox, aliceblue, choicetrade, sherekhan and mothilal oswl they get low brokerages from those clients why because brokers having authorized license.

DematAccount Features:

In these demat account mainly having two type accounts one is your personal saving account and another one is trading account, here saving account maintained by your banker and trading account maintained by broker so they trading purpose provide online platform like web site or app these the way they simplifies our risk to provide easy trading gateway. Main thing here which broker provide best services you can open your demat account from them only, in my personal opinion Angelone Trading is the best platform to provide all features user friendly so open account from angelone Trading.

How to select Best Service trading platform:

Trading section best service means, who provide telephonic trading and those customer support available to asset any time, and user friendly trading platform providers are the best for selection so once observe above features and open your account them.

Main features of Demat account:

Here demat account main work was store clients shares and convert into electronic format and stores in locker, here Mainly two government organizations having, those are CDSL (Central Depository Securities Limited) and NSDL ( National Securities Depository Limited), so demat account these the way having under government and trading account having under trading brokers.

Which Type Documents needed for open Demat account?

Here mainly needed aadhar account, PAN card, bank account, and last 6 months bank statement and some broker’s asking 30 seconds selfi video, here 30 seconds time they must tell his aadhar number and pancard number.
So these the way upload all documents you can get within one day you get your demataccount. And one more thing after open your account you must load money into your bank account to trading account then only you can do your trading.

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