How to Buy or sell a Stock in Angel one Trading App

But or sell angel one trading app

  1. Installation and Registration Process: First of all install Angel one Trading App Using below Link. If you are a new User please Register Now at our Registration Page.                                                                         (buy or sell angel one trading app  link: )
  2. Login in APP: Open Your App Using Login ID and Password.
  3. Fund Section: And then once check your fund balance in funds section, if you have money in your account show at Available Margin to trade section, don’t have balance please add fund using below add funds button, then enter amount choose payment method use to. Here angel maintain four types of payment methods, those are Phone pe, google pay, Other UPI Methods and net banking so select your convenient method and load money to your account.
  4. Watch list: in this watch list you can normally having upper menu section News, my watch list, Bank nifty ASM, Bank Nifty BM, Nifty BM, Nifty ASM, Last Viewed, Options, Index, Equity Market and Futures like menu list there choose My Watch list. Immediately behind there showing Nifty and Sensex  live market price and below  select search button and then your needy stock then choose again Cash,  futures sub menus here you can select NSC or BSC or NSC Derivatives or BSC Derivatives click on the browsed  stock that’s it your symbol added to your watch list .
  5. BUY / Sell Stocks: for buying and selling please once again click on your selected stock then pop up menu will open and these please select buy/Sell button and then choose how many stocks you wants to buy and select Limit or Market price, here limit means you can manually enter your needy price, market means automatically stock book market price , after that please choose intraday/ carry forward option, here intraday means only single day you can close your buying stock and carry forward means your wish how many hold your stock.

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Same way you can buy or Sell Stocks in Option and future market but here quantity having lots wise, these the way you can buy/Sell your Stock any Query please contact me i will clarify your doubts.